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60 years we’re creating things you believe in

"Supermetal" today is the embodiment of Professor E.I. Rytvins ideas and plans, a unique combination of continuous scientific process and effective and agile manufacturing.

Possessing unique technologies in the field of pyrometallurgic refining, production of all kinds of platinum-metals-based alloys and composite materials, stamping of dense orifice fields and manufacture of volumetric orifice fields, "Supermetal" manufactures more than 250 types of precious metals products for technical and medical purposes, effectively processes various kinds of raw precious metal materials, and is the leader in the field of fabrication of glass melting apparatus and up-to-date bushings for the production of glass and basalt fibers.

Products: Glass-melting apparatus and bushing assemblies made of platinum alloys and composite materials for the production of glass and basalt fibers; thermoionic wire and wire for resistance thermometers; laboratory utensils; dental alloys, solders, solutions of gilding; systems for melting the optical glass, stirrers, crucibles, nipples, single- or double-chamber cans made of platinum and dispersion-strengthened platinum alloys; catalyst systems for ammonia conversion (knitted catalyst gauzes and woven catching gauzes).

Competitive strengths: Partners of the Company can get high-quality products made of precious metals and alloys as soon as possible at optimum prices and with minimum technological losses of precious metals.

Technological advantages: Major technical solutions of the Company are as follows: new affinage/non-affinage (pyrometallurgical) and special chemical technologies that provide the production of pure and extra-pure platinum metals and alloys; cost-efficient heat-resistance platinum alloys, including dispersion-strengthened and composite materials with working temperatures of 1000 up to 1750 C; technological processes of laser, microplasma, and argon-arc welding; optimum systems for the control of the quality and account of the precious materials, from the initial raw materials to the finished products.

Innovations, patents, certificates: 145 patents for products and technologies. The test laboratory accreditation certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.22ES06 of 3 March 2011, the Certificate of the Quality Management System for the conformance to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008).

The basic values:

  • competence in the Companys field of activity;
  • reliability and fairness in the course of fulfilling obligations;
  • partnership in relations;
  • traditionalism.

Yet, the major value is the Supermetal team. Today the Supermetal team comprises 170 people, including a winner of the USSR State Prize, Deserved and Honorable chemists and metallurgists of the Russian Federation, and honored achievers in the chemical industry officially commended by ministries and organizations.