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In 2001 JSC “SIC ‘Supermetal’” started developing an innovative quality management system (QMS). It was introduced at ďSupermetalĒ in the middle of 2002 and is still in use.

The Supermetalís QMS is intended for the successful management of the Company to achieve both greater efficiency and gains in performance in the field of quality with account of the interested partiesí needs.

The QMS has made it possible to develop an exclusive quality manual, covering all the areas of work and activities, instead of a great number of standards at the Company.

The quality manual is a top-priority QMS document at ďSupermetal,Ē and it confirms the conformity to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 in the Companyís QMS.

The specific character of use and application of the precious metals determines the potential of the Supermetalís QMS; so part of it is running by itself, because there is a demand to record the circulation of the precious metals.

This ensures the highest possible traceabilty/circulation of the precious metals at the Company, which substantially improves the labor processes and quality of the products.

At ďSupermetal,Ē a creatively different auditing system has been introduced, using electronic internal auditing cards, which are the basis for any auditorís report. The cards cover all the divisions and make it possible to carry out inspection of the Company for every auditing task.

The Supermetalís quality policy determines the tasks and objectives for the Company in the field of quality. We use the quality policy to improve the activity of the Company.

The quality policy has been communicated to all employees and includes the following:

  • creation of favorable conditions for continuous improvement of quality.
  • prevention of problems, instead of elimination thereof after revealing.
  • maintenance of the personnelís skills required for the manufacture of quality products.
  • informing all the employees about the tasks and objectives in the field of quality.
  • maintenance of the methods of teamwork of the divisions in order to improve the competitiveness of the Company.
  • creation of an atmosphere among the personnel, conducive to realization of each workerís potential.
  • provision of quality of the products corresponding to each customerís requirements.